While attending a pro race car event in Arizona in 2016…four MLB players assembled a fun, fast-paced and interactive game they had been designing for months.

Set up on the track’s parking lot, former big league reliever and now CupCheck CEO Kevin Jepsen immediately realized that his concept was gaining a lot of attention from roaming fans. “What do you call this game? It’s really cool. Can we play?” asked scores of people as they passed by.

It was then that Jepsen knew that he, Kirby Yates, Matt Andriese and Alex Cobb had something unique – a portable, recreational game that required disc throwing accuracy and cup catching ability played in a relaxed, casual environment.

Soon after, Jepsen shared the success with fellow players Evan Longoria, Curt Casali and Garrett Richards to form his own team of partners and make CupCheck a reality.

CupCheck then officially partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society, established to help save lives through education, research and fundraising. Testicular Cancer is the leading form of cancer in males ages 15 to 35.  
testicular cancer society

After over two years of development, CupCheck is officially America’s newest backyard, beach, campground and tailgate home run game!

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